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mezzo-soprano/belter  .  actress  .  model  .  musician

Hi, I'm Vi (v~eye), a 15 year old Film and Stage Actress & Rock and Musical Theatre Vocalist who also dabbles in Ukulele, Electric Guitar & Banjo.  I love to create, so my other hobbies are drawing,writing, reading, make-up artistry.   To relax you may also find me listing to vinyl while cuddling my dog, Walter!  

At 4 foot 11 inches, I sometimes play younger characters on stage, but look my age for film.  Having grown up on Shakespeare, I also love to gender swap and play male character when I get the chance.   I love Shakespeare for the witty humor and physical comedy.  My grandpa has read all of his plays in full; which I hope to do as well.

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”

William Shakespeare

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Contact regarding projects in USA especially New York, Kansas City, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, St.Louis, Chicago, DesMoines, and Omaha.

Managed by Robert R. Blume of Step Forward Entertainment

  • 212-354-5124 phone

25000 Avenue Stanford, Suite 210

Valencia, CA. 91355

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